6/3/23 God's Country Marathon 2023 Part 3 of 36/3/23 God's Country Marathon 2023 Part 2 of 36/3/23 God's Country Marathon 2023 Part 1 of 35/29/23 Coudersport Memorial Day5/15/23 Coudersport vs Port Allegany Girls Softball5/6/23 Potter Tioga Maple Festival and other photos5/6/23 Coudersport vs Otto-Eldred Boys Baseball5/5/23 Coudersport Multi-School Track Meet PART 25/5/23 Coudersport Multi-School Track Meet PART 14/14/23 Coudersport vs Bradford Girls Softball4/13/23 Coudersport vs Sheffield Track4/25/23 Coudersport Multi-School Track Meet4/21/23 Coudersport vs Galeton Girls Softball5/11/12 Coudersport vs Austin5/3/17 Coudersport vs Port Allegany Softball4/26/18 Coudersport vs Oswayo Valley Girls Softball4/14/18 Cowanesque Valley vs Wellsboro Girls SoftballMostly the pitchers, doing some lens testing.5/5/18 Cowanesque Valley vs Williamson Girls Softball4/6/19 Coudersport vs Smethport Girls Softball5/9/19 Coudersport vs Otto-Eldred Girls Softball5/15/19 Coudersport vs Northern Potter Girls Softball4/4/22 Coudersport vs Galeton Girls Softball4/6/22 Coudersport vs ECC Girls Softball4/30/22 Coudersport vs Johnsonburg Girls Softball5/2/22 Coudersport vs Smethport Girls Softball5/12/22 Coudersport vs Otto-Eldred Girls Softball4/15/10 Northern Potter vs Coudersport4/14/11 Coudersport vs Otto-Eldred4/19/23 Coudersport Junior High Multi-School Track Meet4/11/23 Coudersport vs Oswayo Valley Girls Softball4/3/23 Coudersport vs Smethport Girls Softball3/24/23 Coudersport vs Otto-Eldred JH Boys/Girls Basketball3/22/23 Coudersport vs Austin JH Boys Basketball3/17/23 Coudersport vs Cameron County JH Boys/Girls Basketball3/11/23 Otto-Eldred Terrors vs Monessen Greyhounds PIAA Girls Basketball3/11/23 Otto-Eldred Terrors vs Greensburg Central Catholic Centurions PIAA Boys Basketball3/9/23 Oswayo Valley vs Otto-Eldred JH Boys/Girls Basketball3/8/23 Austin vs Otto-Eldred JH Boys Basketball3/6/23 Austin vs Oswayo Valley JH Boys Basketball3/2/23 Oswayo Valley vs Cameron County JH Boys/Girls Basketball2/28/23 Oswayo Valley vs Smethport JH Boys/Girls Basketball2/23/23 Otto-Eldred vs Northern Potter Girls Basketball District Playoff2/23/23 Otto-Eldred vs Curwensville Golden Tide District Basketball Playoff2/21/23 Northern Potter vs Oswayo Valley District Playoff Girls Basketball2/20/23 Coudersport vs Galeton JH Boys/Girls Basketball2/17/23 Oswayo Valley vs Cameron County Boys Basketball2/15/23 Austin (Senior Night) vs Coudersport Boys Basketball2/14/23 Northern Potter Senior Night vs Cameron County Girls Basketball2/10/23 Coudersport vs Galeton Boys Basketball2/9/23 Northern Potter vs Coudersport Boys & Girls Basketball