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2/16/22 Northern Potter vs Galeton Girls Basketball2/14/22 Oswayo Valley vs Cameron County Girls Basketball2/9/22 Coudersport vs Austin Girls Basketball2/7/22 Oswayo Valley vs Cowanesque Valley Girls Basketball2/5/22 Coudersport vs Otto-Eldred Girls Basketball1/31/22 Coudersport vs Oswayo Valley Girls Basketball1/27/22 Oswayo Valley vs Smethport Girls Basketball1/25/22 Coudersport vs Port Allegany Girls Basketball1/22/22 Coudersport vs Elk County Catholic (ECC) Girls Basketball11/30/21 Oswayo Valley vs Portville Girls Basketball (scrimmage)2/25/20 Coudersport vs Otto-Eldred Girls Basketball Playoff at Bradford2/4/20 Coudersport (senior night) vs Wellsboro Girls Basketball1/29/20 Port Allegany vs Coudersport Girls Basketball1/27/20 Coudersport vs Northern Potter Girls Basketball1/25/20 Coudersport vs Bradford Girls Basketball1/23/20 Oswayo Valley vs Frienship Central Girls Basketball1/17/20 Coudersport vs St Marys Girls Basketball1/13/20 Coudersport vs Otto-Eldred Girls Basketball1/4/2020 Cowanesque Valley vs Montgomery Girls Basketball1/3/2020 Coudersport vs Port Allegany Girls Basketball12/28/19 Girls: St. Marys vs Ridgway12/28/19 Girls: Johnsonburg vs Elk County Catholic12/20/19 Port Allegany vs Smethport Girls Basketball12/18/19 Austin vs Cameron County Girls Basketball12/14/19 - Cowanesque Valley vs Prattsburgh Central Vikings Girls Basketball12/10/19 Coudersport vs Smethport Girls Basketball including little kids at halftime12/7/19 JBT: Varsity Girls Championship - NPM vs CV12/7/19 JBT: Girls Consolation - NoPo vs Wellsville12/7/19 JBT: JV Girls - CV vs NoPo12/6/19 JBT: Varsity Girls - CV vs NoPo12/6/19 JBT: Varsity Girls NPM vs Wellsville11/25/19 Port Allegany vs Curwensville Girls Basketball Scrimmage2/28/19 Coudersport vs Otto Eldred D-IX Girls Playoff2/22/19 St Marys vs Clearfield Girls D-IX Basketball playoff2/21/19 Coudersport vs Northern Potter D-IX Girls Playoff2/19/19 Otto-Eldred vs Cameron County Girls Basketball D-IX2/15/19 Cowanesque Valley vs North Penn-Liberty Girls Basketball2/6/19 Coudersport vs Cameron County Girls Basketball2/1/19 Cowanesque Valley vs Mansfield Tigers Girls Basketball1/29/19 Oswayo Valley vs Austin Girls Basketball1/26/19 Coudersport vs Clarion-Limestone Girls Basketball1/25/19 Cowanesque Valley vs Canton Girls Basketball1/22/19 Coudersport vs Austin Girls Basketball1/16/19 Coudersport vs Northern Potter Girls Basketball1/15/19 Cowanesque Valley vs Sayre Girls Basketball1/14/19 Oswayo Valley vs Cameron County Girls Basketball1/8/19 Cowanesque Valley vs Athens Wildcats Girls Basketball1/5/19 Oswayo Valley vs Port Allegany Girls Basketball1/4/19 Oswayo Valley vs Otto-Eldred Girls Basketball12/29/18 Johnsonburg vs St Marys - St Marys Holiday Tournament12/20/18 Cowanesque Valley vs Wyalusing Girls Basketball PART 2 OF 212/20/18 Cowanesque Valley vs Wyalusing Girls Basketball PART 1 OF 212/18/18 Otto-Eldred vs Smethport Girls Basketball12/14/18 Coudersport vs Galeton Girls Basketball12/08/18 Cowanesque Valley vs Mansfield Tigers Girls Basketball - CV Tournament12/07/18 Cowanesque Valley vs Wellsville Lions Girls Basketball - CV Tournament12/4/18 Port Allegany vs Cowanesque Valley Girls Basketball Scrimmage2/24/18 Sayre vs South Williamsport Girls Basketball D4 Playoff at Mansfield U2/24/18 Cowanesque Valley vs Benton Girls Basketball D4 Playoff at Mansfield U2/21/18 Girls Basketball Playoff - ECC vs Northern Potter2/12/18 Otto-Eldred vs Northern Potter Girls Basketball2/8/18 Oswayo Valley vs Smethport Girls Basketball2/2/18 Coudersport vs Smethport Girls Basketball1/30/18 Cowanesque Valley vs Mansfield Tigers Girls Basketball1/23/18 Cowanesque Valley vs Sayre Redskins Girls Basketball1/22/18 Oswayo Valley vs Cowanesque Valley Girls Basketball Photos1/20/18 Cowanesque Valley vs Williamson Warriors Girls Basketball1/15/18 Smethport vs Oswayo Valley Girls Basketball1/12/18 Cowanesque Valley vs Canton Girls Basketball Photos1/8/18 Oswayo Valley vs Galeton Girls Basketball1/3/18 Cowanesque Valley vs Northeast Bradford Girls Basketball12/29/17 CoudyTourn: Girls-Northern Potter vs Cameron County12/29/17 CoudyTourn: Girls-Coudersport vs Bradford12/28/17 CoudyTourn: Girls-Coudersport vs Northern Potter12/28/17 CoudyTourn: Girls-Bradford vs Cameron County12/22/17 Coudersport vs Galeton Girls Basketball12/18/17 Coudersport vs Port Allegany Girls Basketball12/15/17 Otto-Eldred vs Sheffield Girls Basketball, at O-E Tournament12/14/17 Coudersport vs Bradford Girls Basketball12/9/17 Lady Dragon Tip-Off Tournament Girls Basketball Warren PA3/4/17 D9 Championship Coudersport vs Kane Girls Basketball3/4/17 D9 Championship North Clarion vs Otto Eldred Girls Basketball2/24/17 Elk County Catholic vs Otto-Eldred Girls Basketball District 9 Playoff Game2/18/17 AML Championship ECC vs Kane Girls Basketball2/10/17 Coudersport (Sr nite) vs Smethport Girls Basketball2/9/17 Oswayo Valley vs Otto-Eldred Girls Basketball2/7/17 Smethport vs Galeton Girls Basketball1/28/17 Cowanesque Valley vs Austin Girls Basketball1/26/17 Galeton vs Oswayo Valley Girls Basketball1/24/17 Oswayo Valley vs Austin Girls Basketball1/16/17 Northern Potter vs Cameron County Girls Basketball1/14/17 Elk County Catholic vs St Marys Girls Basketball1/7/17 Bradford Owls vs Coudersport Girls Basketball1/7/17 Oswayo Valley vs Coudersport Girls Basketball1/4/17 Coudersport vs Otto-Eldred Girls Basketball12/22/16 Oswayo Valley vs Galeton Girls Basketball2/4/16 Coudersport vs Galeton2/2/16 Oswayo Valley vs Northern Potter1/29/16 Coudersport vs Cameron County1/25/16 Coudersport vs Otto-Eldred1/19/16 Coudersport vs Port Allegany1/13/16 Coudersport vs Smethport1/5/16 Oswayo Valley vs Port Allegany2/17/15 Dubois Central Catholic vs Coudersport2/10/15 Coudersport vs Oswayo Valley2/7/15 Coudersport vs Port Allegany2/5/15 Port Allegany vs Oswayo Valley1/27/15 - Coudersport vs Galeton1/21/15 Coudersport vs Austin1/19/15 Coudersport vs Cameron County1/7/15 Galeton vs Oswayo Valley1/5/15 Coudersport vs Otto Eldred12/27/14 Galeton vs Austin (Port Holiday Tournament)12/27/14 Port Allegany vs Smethport (Port Holiday Tournament)12/27/14 Galeton vs Austin (Port Holiday Tournament)12/20/14 Northern Potter Lady Panthers vs Williamson Lady Warriors (Tioga)12/19/14 Smethport vs Coudersport2/11/14 Austin vs Otto-Eldred2/7/14 Galeton vs Austin2/3/14 Port Allegany vs Coudersport1/10/14 Galeton vs Cameron County2/12/13 NoPo vs Otto Eldred2/9/13 Austin vs Northern Potter2/7/13 Galeton vs Liberty1/29/13 NoPo vs Oswayo Valley2/5/13 Coudersport vs Northern Potter01/21/13 Galeton-Bucktail01_19_13 Galeton-Austin01/15/13 Northern Potter-Austin01/12/13 Galeton-Northern Potter01/08/13 Galeton-Otto-Eldred1/3/13 Cowaneaque Valley-Galeton12/21/12 Coudersport vs Galeton12/19/12 Galeton-Oswayo Valley12/12/12 Galeton vs Northern Potter1/19/12 Galeton vs North Penn3/12/11 PIAA Playoffs- Couderport vs Aliquippa3/5/11 Coudersport vs Union Damsels3/1/11 Coudersport vs Clarion2/26/11 7/8 grade Coudersport vs Austin2/18/11 7/8 grade Coudersport vs Galeton1/27/11 CV Lady Indians vs Galeton Lady Tigers1/14/11 Galeton Tigers vs Liberty Mounties1/13/11 Coudersport Falcons vs Cameron County Red Raiders1/8/11 Coudersport Falcons vs Bradford Owls1/7/11 Mansfield Tigers vs Galeton Tigers12/29/10 Tournament - Coudersport Girls vs Cowanesque Valley12/29/10 Tournament – Northern Potter Panthers vs Tidioute CC Lady Bulldogs12/28/10 - Tournament - Coudersport Girls vs Tidioute CC Lady Bulldogs12/28/10 Tournament - Cowanesque Valley vs Northern Potter12/27/10 Port Tourny - Port Allegany vs Smethport1/23/10 Dubois Lady Beavers vs Coudersport1/11/10 Coudersport vs Oswayo Valley JV then Varsity12/29/09 Coudersport vs Cowanesque Valley, Christmas Tournament12/19/09 Coudersport vs DCC, Tournament12/19/09 Lady Dutch vs Keystone, Tournament12/18/09 Keystone vs Coudersport, Tournament12/18/09 Lady Dutch vs DCC, Tournament12/18/09 Coudersport vs Lady Dutch, Tournament, JVSHCoach OV 1/31/22